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Upcoming Event
Human Geography Working Group (HGWG) Meeting
March 9, 2011
Department of State building at:
2201 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20520
Meeting Materals:
HUMAN GEOGRAPHY WORKING GROUP (HGWG) March 9th 1300 Department of State

Announcing the Human Geography Working Group (HGWG) meeting March 9th 1300-1630 at the Department of State building at 2201 C Street NW, Washington, DC. Telecom information is available, though not preferred. This will be a Government only meeting; we will hold a separate contractor invite later. If you feel we have missed an important community member please let us know, or pass along this announcement.

I ask that everyone continue to review the attached draft entity catalogs, modeling Demographic, Language, and Ethnicity. The sooner feedback is received the sooner we can incorporate. The focus of this meeting will be to discuss the content and structure of these sub-models ongoing work modeling additional themes. We are asking the final feedback on these models be provided by 24 March.

The first three attached here (Demographics, Ethnicity, Languages) incorporate NGA's initial feedback to the contractor and we will now be in a much better position to answer questions and to absorb your feedback to these documents. Please note that they are still truly drafts intended for gathering feedback from the HGWG. It would be premature to assume that what you see here would be a basis for developing processes or software to incorporate HG data. We will be linking these submodels to the HGWG Intellipedia site but are attaching them to the this email to ensure access:


There are multiple tabs within each of these, and lots of them for Languages. The Overview and Model format tabs will be help you get oriented. The key content is in the following tabs (in quotes):

Language -- "Model"
Ethnicity -- "Model v1.3"
Demographics -- "Submodel ver3.0"

Also attached is a spreadsheet ("HGSD Comment Matrix ...") that you can use to provide feedback/comments. We will discuss this further at the upcoming meeting and you will probably want to wait for those discussions before sending anything back to us at NGA. But in preparation for the meeting we'll do our best to answer questions within this short timeframe. The contact email address for us is: Source-S2-SGAHGTeam@nga.mil

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