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Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) and BAE Systems, San Diego, have prepared several sets of sample NITF 2.1 files with RSM TREs for evaluation purposes only (see link below).  They do not constitute the JITC Test Suite for NITFS RSM Compliance/Certification.

The RSM TREs were created from an actual remote sensor collection, but have been placed in NITF 2.1 formatted files using a gray-image to allow them to be freely distributable.  The sample RSM TREs provided are from commercial, airborne images of Escondido, California.  This imagery is from classical 9x9 inch aerial film mapping camera.  The imagery was scanned at 25 micron pixel size.  The rigorous original frame sensor model included adjustable parameters for position, attitude, and focal length.  The RSM support data were fit to unadjusted, untriangulated original support data.  The original sensor model adjustable parameter uncertainties were intentionally set conservatively, that is high, and should therefore cover any error in the "correlation" with the imagery.

For questions or comments regarding these files, please contact the NITFS Test & Evaluation Facility at JITC, 520-538-5458,

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       Updated on 18 May 2006