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NSG Standards Registry

  The National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG) Standards Registry supports the discovery, traceability, and lifecycle management of GEOINT Standards that may be used in the development and operation of data- and net-centric GEOINT applications: http://nsgreg.nga.mil

GEOINT Standards cited in the DoD IT Standards Registry

  For a snapshot of the GEOINT Standards that are managed by the GWG and cited in the current DoD IT Standards Registry (DISR) baseline, go to https://nsgreg.nga.mil/JESC-approved.jsp and click on Pocket Guide.

GWG FG-managed Standards in the DoD IT Standards Registry

To view the standards cited in the DISR by the GWG Focus Group which has oversight, select the Focus Group of interest:
  NITFS Technical Board (NTB)
  Motion Imagery Standard Board (MISB)
  Community Sensor Model Working Group (CSMWG)
  Geographic Portrayal (PFG)
  Application Schemas for Feature Encoding (ASFE)
  Metadata (MFG)
  Geospatial Web Services (GWS)
  Overhead Persistent Infrared (OFG)
  World Geodetic System and Geomatics (WGSG)

DoD Standards Resources

  DoD IT Standards Registry (DISR) (PKI required)
  GWG DISR Activities
  DoD Metadata Registry and Clearinghouse (MDR)

Military Standards and Specifications and Registries

  DoD Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System (ASSIST)
  Listing of all DOD GEOINT standards, specifications, and handbooks.
  In-Work Geospatial Standards and Specifications
  DoD Specifications - Map/Chart Style Guides

National/International Standards Resources

  ISO standards that are publically available

Other GEOINT Standards of Interest not Cited in DISR

  Implementation Profile for High Resolution Elevation Products
  GEOINT Symbology

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The latest version of GEOINT standards in the DISR PocketGuide is now available. Click here to access the NSG Standards Registry and the Pocketguide.
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