Conformance Testing Process


To obtain a Conformance Assessment, an Implementation, contained within or comprising of a complete Motion Imagery System, SHALL meet the requirements of the MISP, which is the governing standard for Motion Imagery, its accompanying Metadata, Audio, Containers, and related technologies.

NGA Conformance Program Plan for Motion Imagery

Defines the roles and responsibilities of a Test Customer, a Test Service Provider (TSP), the MISB, and the GEOINT Functional Manager Standards Assessment (GFMSA) program, all of which participate in the Conformance Assessment process.

NGA Conformance Test Plan for Motion Imagery

Outlines the process for Conformance Assessment of Class 0 Motion Imagery, Class 1 Motion Imagery, Class 2 Motion Imagery as defined in the Motion Imagery Standards Profile. Requirements specific to each class, as well as requirements common across the classes, are documented in the MISP. In addition, supporting MISB Standards and Recommended Practices contain additional requirements, which are required to be tested depending on the capabilities of the Implementation under test. Lastly, as the MISP is updated periodically new requirements are introduced; thus, Conformance Assessment is with respect to a specific version of the MISP.

Community Motion Imagery Test Tool (CMITT)

Performs conformance assessment of MPEG-2 Transport Streams with KLV metadata and is intended to be used in conjunction with designated commerical Video Elementary Stream test tools identified in the NGA Conformance Test Plan for Motion Imagery to form a complete standards conformance assessment.

Document and Tool Access

Both documents and CMITT are available on the MISB Protected site. To request access to the MISB Protected site, please visit the Request Access link on the MISB Homepage.