Conformance Testing Process


In 2000, the NGA Innovision Directorate stood up the Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB), effectively establishing an official standards body responsible for reviewing and recommending standards for motion imagery, associated metadata, audio and other related systems for use within the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and National System for Geospatial Intelligence (DoD/IC/NSG).

Motion Imagery is recognized by the Intelligence and Defense communities as a vital part of our current and future intelligence picture. As our ability to collect motion imagery and achieve persistent surveillance continues to grow, ensuring interoperability of motion imagery formats with other types of sensor outputs, and making that critical intelligence available to those who need to know becomes increasingly important.

Standards-Based Motion Imagery Workflow

Standards greatly increase the value of information. By providing an underlying "common language" for the sharing of information, standards foster breadth in knowledge and depth in intelligence. Nowhere are standards more crucial in realizing this added value than within the acquisition, processing, exploitation, and dissemination workflow processes for motion imagery rich-media assets.

Establishing standards for motion imagery encoding, metadata schemas and dissemination protocols in conjunction with compliance enforcement and testing helps prevent the proliferation of proprietary, stovepipe systems that are not interoperable. Stovepipe solutions impede the intelligence PED process and minimize the intelligence value derived from our nation’s Motion Imagery (MI) assets. The MISB’s mission is to unify the motion imagery workflow, effectively maximizing the value of MI assets for all stakeholders. Architecting the PED workflow within a standards-based foundation and guiding the development, acquisition, and implementation of tools, technologies and processes will position our Community to create solutions that have far greater value for the warfighter.