NITF 2.1 Implementation Profile for Tactical Hyperspectral Imagery Systems


  This profile describes the NITF 2.1 image file formats and metadata profiles for the various products generated by tactical (i.e. airborne) hyperspectral remote sensing systems and their ground processing elements. The current scope of the profile is to support the design, development, and implementation of NITF 2.1-compliant datasets (products) produced by HSI remote sensing systems. The profile identifies both the standards and the standards application guidance needed to produce dataset content compatible with the NSG architecture and tailored to the capabilities and operational requirements of the system. The profile addresses the application of foundation standards to enable an HSI data product to contain the following types of information:

- HSI sensor radiance measurements filtered by spectral band (HSI cube)
- NSG foundational metadata for description, security and discovery of HSI products
- Image (cube) to ground position correlation and error management
- Radiometric and quality characteristics of the HSI pixel values
- Parameters to support non-literal exploitation of HSI data content
- Pixel processing history

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       Updated on 15 December 2009