NITF version 2.1 JPEG 2000 Sample Imagery

NITF 1.1 NITF 2.0 NITF 2.1/NSIF 1.0 JPEG 2000 RSM

Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) personnel have prepared several sets of sample NITF 2.1 J2K files for evaluation purposes only (see links below).  They do not constitute the JITC Test Suite for NITF JPEG 2000 Compliance/Certification.

The Profile 0, Profile 1 and JP2 files were created by downloading the JPEG 2000 test code streams, via the JPEG.ORG website, and placing them into the NITF version 2.1 file format. Information and guidelines found in documentation provided by the NTB Bandwidth Compression Working Group were essential in creating these NITF files.

Note: The Profile 0, Profile 1 and JP2 files do not fully comply with the NSIF Preferred JPEG 2000 encoding described in the ISO/IES BIIF Profile for JPEG 2000 (BPJ2K01.00).  For example, included files may not have the JPEG 2000 Tagged Record Extension (J2KLRA).

Developers/Implementers can download JPEG 2000 software for UNIX, LINUX and Win32 by visiting the JPEG.ORG website.  This software can decode and display each of the JPEG 2000 data streams, but not the NITF files.

For questions or comments regarding these files, please contact the NITF Test & Evaluation Facility at JITC, 520-538-5458,

ISO Profile 0 Test Code Streams
ISO Profile 1 Test Code Streams
JITC Demo Code Streams
ISO JP2 Test Code Streams

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        Updated on 09 December 2005