LIWG Lidar Interoperability Working Group
Engineering Interoperability through Standards
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LIWG Charter
The LIWG charter can soon be found here
Documents and Standards
All of the LIWG standards documents can be found on the LIWG SharePoint Portal

Reference software may be found in our software repository
The LIWG is the NSG community forum for shepherding LIDAR standards activities
    LIWG Mission
  • Shepard LIDAR data & metadata standards development for the NSG
  • Promote implementation of those standards
  • Govern or coordinate, as feasible, the establishment of LIDAR net-centric data services
    LIWG Goals
  • Increase efficiency of collection and processing
  • Increase discovery
  • Achieve sustaining LIDAR capability
    LIWG Purpose
  • Make LIDAR processing sensor-independent
  • Develop or refine LIDAR standard(s)
LIWG Meetings